New Supply Coordinator

New Supply Coordinator

Imaging Concepts is proud to announce the creation of a new position and a new employee. We have hired Mike Brutinel as the Supply Coordinator. The Supply Coordinator is responsible for taking all supply orders as well as maintaining a toner monitoring system. Technology has advanced to the point that, in most cases, your machines can communicate to our office when your toner is low. Using this advancement, we have developed a system to monitor this information and automatically send out toner. We are very excited to utilize this information to benefit our customers. As part of this process, Mike will be calling to help set up our customers on this new program. Below you will find the contact information for Mike. Orders can still be made by calling the office or by e-mailing

Mike Brutinel
Supplies Coordinator

Thank you and we appreciate your business.

Yancey Chapman
Corp. Admin Manager
P: 801-886-2679

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